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Power of Attorney Registration services in Malad

Power of Attorney Registration

We A P Maroo provide Power of Attorney Registration services in Malad. A Power of Attorney (POA) is a legal document that gives the power to another person. The person with Power of attorney has authority to take financial, legal other decisions on behalf of another. If you have any questions regarding Power of Attorney Registration services in Malad feel free to contact us

There are several different types of attorney for different purposes.

* Limited: A Limited power of attorney gives someone else the power to act for a limited period of time.

* General: A general power of attorney gives you all the powers & rights that you have yourself.

* Durable: A Durable power of attorney can be general but it remains in effect after you become incapacitated. Without a Durable power of attorney, if you become incapacitated, no one can represent you unless the court appoints a guardian.

* Springing: As Durable power of attorney, a springing power of attorney can allow your attorney, in fact, to act for you if you become incapacitated, but it does not become effective unless you are incapacitated.